Camera Control System Upgrade

These pages will document the process for going about an upgrade of the camera control system software interface. Since the control system is highly coupled to the interface specification (XML), the communication backplane (DDS) and the abstraction layer (SAL), this documentation focuses on upgrades to those dependencies. The process for building and assembling a CCS release is covered in other (perhaps unwritten) documents. The deployment part of the documentation will be written generically with sections highlighting the specific differences between the various sites. It is best to read this documentation ahead of time as there are necessary credentials and code to setup before executing the outlined steps.

In the following instructions we assume you are dealing with comcam, if dealing with auxtel or main-camera make substitutions where appropriate.

Shutdown Services

When doing an XML upgrade it is first necessary to wait for SAL to be shutdown. Once the opensplice daemon and comcam-ocs-bridge have been shutdown it is possible to proceed with stage 1 of the upgrade.

Stage 1: Installing the release

  • Use foreman to change the puppet environment to deploy the new release. (For the summit use, and for TTS use, and for BTS use
  • Check that puppet in fact installed the new release on all nodes by looking for the release in /lsst/ccs/<release>.
  • On each host, move the /lsst/ccs/prod link to point to the new release
  • On each host, while logged in as user ccs, restart all of the ccs subsystems using sudo systemctl restart <xxx>. Do not restart the ocs-bridge or opensplice daemon at this stage.
  • Check that all CCS subsystems succesfully restarted. Check that telemetry is working (see
  • Wait for the go-ahead from the person upgrading SAL before proceeding to stage 2.

Stage 2: Restarting opensplice and ocs-bridge

These instructions should be performed on comcam-mcm while logged in as user ccs.

  • Use the command sudo systemctl restart opensplice
  • Use the command sudo systemctl restart comcam-ocs-bridge
  • Put the ocs-bridge into OFFLINE_AVAILABLE mode using
$ ccs-shell
ccs> set target comcam-ocs-bridge
ccs comcam-ocs-bridge> lock
ccs comcam-ocs-bridge> setAvailable
ccs comcam-ocs-bridge> unlock
  • Test operation of the comcam-ocs-bridge using comcam-ocs-gui. At a minimum ensure you can switch the system to enabled mode and then back to standby.