Preparing for Deployment

There are a few things that must be done before the deployment happens and while the builds of deployable artifacts are ongoing.

  1. Create a Jira ticket for the cycle build configuration work.
    • The create_configuration_tickets script in the vanward package will create all the necessary Jira tickets.
    • Link these tickets into the appropriate cycle build Confluence page (see Upgrading the Interface (XML) for details).
  2. Prepare the configuration for the cycle build in the git repositories listed in Deployment Configuration Repositories using the Jira tickets above as the appropriate branches.
    1. Use the site specific file/directory: Summit, TTS, BTS.
    2. Update the cycle build tag.
    3. Update any changes to CSC configurations including launch command-line.
    4. Add new CSC/applications as necessary.
  3. Work with build team during the build process to ensure schedule and resolve any encountered problems.
  4. Announce the deployment schedule on the slack channel: Summit, TTS, BTS.
    1. Use the release_announcement script from vanward to craft the announcement.
    2. The announcement must go out the calendar day before the deployment.
    3. Another announcement must go out one hour before the deployment.
    4. A final announcement must go out as the deployment begins.
    5. If you want to work with the System Principles for Camera and other machines, make sure to inform them you will require their help standing down services.
  5. Coordinate with SQuaRE to make sure that a new nublado with the current XML/SAL will be available for the deployment day.
    1. Make a PR for the site specific science-platform configuration here:
    2. Edit the appropriate configuration file: Summit, TTS, BTS.
    3. Notify SQuaRE when the PR is ready to merge.
    4. Syncing the cachemachine app will take place during the deployment.

Deployment Configuration Repositories

As noted above, following repositories contain the configuration as code.

Deployment Helper Repositories

The following repositories contain helper scripts that aid in the deployment process. Specific uses for each repository are handled within the deployment documentation.

Site Specific Variations